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Crisis of Britishness? Immigration, Race and Nation in Modern Britain

The idea that British identity and culture is threatened by non-white migration has pervaded contemporary British history. This exhibition highlights far-right nationalist rhetoric and the anti-fascist, anti-racist responses that followed. Using items from our unique archive it highlights the struggle over immigration, race and nation in Britain in the 1970-90s.

Genocidal Captivity: Retelling the Stories of Armenian and Yezidi Women

This exhibition explores stories of Armenian and Yezidi women held in genocidal captivity, using humanitarian records of Armenian survivors from the 1920s and recent interviews with and compelling portraits of Yezidi survivors in Iraq.

The Library of Lost Books

Our latest exhibition brings the story of the Higher Institute for Jewish Studies, Berlin (1872-1942) and its library into the heart of London.

Upcoming events

Book Talk: The Jewish Revolt by Rachel Auerbach, with Professor Antony Polonsky

Rachel Auerbach was one of the three post-war survivors of the underground Oyneg Shabbes. This book aimed both to commemorate the Jewish fighters who took up arms in the first major act of resistance to the Nazis and to describe the course of their revolt.

Exhibition Event: Saving the Survivors: Danish relief workers and Armenian women genocide survivors in the 1920s

This event is organised as part of the Genocidal Captivity exhibition events series. On the 109th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, historian Matthias Bjørnlund will join us from Copenhagen to discuss Karen Jeppe’s unique relief and rescue methods, in the broader context of Danish humanitarian relief efforts in the aftermath of the genocide. 

Exhibition Film Event, Part I: Suzanne Khardalian, Grandma’s Tattoos

This two-part event is organised as part of the Genocidal Captivity exhibition events series.

Archive & Library discovery day with the Armenian Institute

Discover and explore a wealth of resources, titles, online access to video testimonies, references, and books in different languages, all in the heart of London, to support your studies and research projects. Focus on histories of peoples and genocide, and see how memory is preserved for future generations in these two original institutions. Open in priority to postgraduate students.

Exhibition Film Event, Part II: Suzanne Khardalian, Inside Her, Inside Me

This two-part event is organised as part of the Genocidal Captivity exhibition events series.
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