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Crisis of Britishness? Immigration, Race and Nation in Modern Britain

The idea that British identity and culture is threatened by non-white migration has pervaded contemporary British history. This exhibition highlights far-right nationalist rhetoric and the anti-fascist, anti-racist responses that followed. Using items from our unique archive it highlights the struggle over immigration, race and nation in Britain in the 1970-90s.

The Library of Lost Books

Our latest exhibition brings the story of the Higher Institute for Jewish Studies, Berlin (1872-1942) and its library into the heart of London.

The Roma Patrin

Brolly Productions present an interactive audio/visual installation drawing on the testimonies of the Roma holocaust in conversation with contemporary Roma voices celebrating the culture, music and history of the Roma community.

Upcoming events

Virtual Student and Teacher Talk: Refugees from Nazism in Britain

Around 80,000 Jewish refugees arrived to the UK between 1933 and 1945. Aimed at GCSE and A-Level students, this talk will utilise sources from the Library’s unique archive to trace some of the journeys made by these 80,000 refugees, focusing on ‘ordinary’ people. It will also explore British responses to these refugees, including governmental actions and the activities of community and voluntary organisations.

Refugee Week 2024: Refugee policy from the Kindertransport to the present day, with René Cassin

This panel, hosted by René Cassin, will take us from the Kindertransport to the present day, exploring how and why vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers risk their lives to make the UK their home and what we can do about it the implementation of safe and legal routes.

Safe Haven – the Leslie Brent story: Travelling Exhibition and Talk

This exhibition will be on show on Thursday 20th June at the Wiener Library from 10.00am - 5pm followed by a talk by Mike Levy, Holocaust educator and author, based on his extensive research about the importance of Dovercourt in acting as the first safe haven for many kindertransportees.

Screening: Filmmakers for the Prosecution, with Sandra Schulberg and Sharon Rosen Leib

The US Friends of The Wiener Holocaust Library will host an event featuring the screening of  Filmmakers for the Prosecution, a documentary produced by Sandra Schulberg that retraces the steps of two men, Budd and Stuart Schulberg, tasked with gathering evidence for the Nuremberg Trials.

Rabbi Prof Dr Elisa Klapheck: Regina Jonas – the first female Rabbi

This event is hosted as part of our Library of Lost Books exhibition series. In this talk her biographer, Rabbi Prof Dr Elisa Klapheck, will share insights into a life that inspired a new kind of women’s participation in Jewish religious practice.
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