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'Rescues of the Holocaust: Remembering Raoul Wallenberg and Lives Saved'

Travelling exhibition, 'Rescues of the Holocaust', in situ

Current status: available to hire

‘Rescues of the Holocaust’ features the remarkable stories of rescue efforts undertaken to save lives imperilled by the Nazi regime including:

  • Raoul Wallenberg – A Swedish diplomat and rescuer of thousands of Hungarian Jews.
  • Ida and Louise Cook – Opera loving sisters who used their trips to Germany to save the possessions and life savings of Jews who were emigrating.
  • Wilfred Israel – A department store owner who gave Jewish employees extra salaries to enable them to emigrate.
  • Bertha Bracey – A Quaker who lobbied the British Government about the persecution of the Jews in Europe and was a key instigator of the Kindertransport.

The exhibition can be hired for a maximum of 2 weeks. For longer bookings, please contact the Learning team directly. The travelling exhibitions are in high demand so we cannot guarantee your first preference for dates, but we will do our best to facilitate your request.

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