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Refugee Voices

Refugee Voices

“The memories I have disclosed on this tape are memories which will never ever go away from me. When I talked about my personal life, I also am not ashamed to look back, not because I'm conceited, but with great pride. Without much help, I've succeeded. Succeeded, well, to become just an ordinary person.”  - Otto Deutsch, Refugee Voices

The remit of the project was to conduct interviews as widely as possible across the entire UK consequently there is a balance between the number of interviews carried out in London and the south-east and those carried out in the Midlands, the north of England, Scotland, and other regions. Most of the interviewees have never been interviewed before.

The collection is supported by a comprehensive database which contains an index of the interviews and details of the interviewees and their life stories. This provides a wealth of information to researchers, who can easily locate information relating to a multitude of topics, such as Kindertransport, domestic servants and internment on the Isle of Man as well as interviewees from specific places such as Berlin and Vienna.

All interviews have been fully transcribed and catalogued and both films and transcripts are time-coded, making it possible to locate specific passages with minimum effort. The interviews and supporting database are available at the reader terminals in the Wolfson Reading Room.

For more information on the collection, please visit the Refugee Voices website.

Otto Deutsch giving his Refugee Voices interview, 2003, WL3270 01

Otto Deutsch giving his Refugee Voices interview, 2003

Image WL3270 01

Arieh Handler giving his Refugee Voices interview, July 2003, WL7863

Arieh Handler giving his Refugee Voices interview, July 2003

Image WL7863

Henny Rednall, 2003, WL12960

Henny Rednall, 2003

Image WL12960

Bessie Barnett, 2004, WL12954

Bessie Barnett, 2004

Image WL12954