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Refugee Pamphlets

Great Britain was a centre of refuge for Jewish refugees and political exiles from Nazi-occupied Europe. Many individuals and organisations assisted refugees in escaping occupied Europe and supporting them once they arrived in Britain, other lobbied against the ‘flood' of immigrants. Hundreds of leaflets, fliers and pamphlets were produced quickly and cheaply during this time, reflecting the mood and tensions in a way that formal records cannot.

The Wiener Library has been collecting material since 1933, and we consequently have a particularly good collection of this kind of contemporary material. Our collection includes leaflets in support of refugees such as “Are refugees an asset?”, leaflets for refugees such as “The Do's and Don'ts for Refugees”, and others highlighting issues around immigration, for example “The Child Estranging Movement: an exposé on the alienation of Jewish refugee children in Great Britain from Judaism”.

You can find this material in our Online Catalogue by refining a relevant subject search by the year of publication. We also have subject guides for Refugees and The Kindertransport which tells you how to find relevant material.

Brochure 'While you are in England. Helpful Information and Guidance for every Refugee', 1938

Brochure published by the German Jewish Aid Committee, Jewish Board of Deputies, London, ca. 1938

Image WL8146

DO's and DON'T's for Refugees, published by the Central Office for Refugees, London ca. 1940 (WL3350)

DO's and DON'T's for Refugees, published by the Central Office for Refugees in London ca. 1940

Image WL3350

Titlepage of A great adventure : the story of the refugee children's movement by John Presland of July 1944 (WL7518)

Pamphlet published in London, July 1944

Image WL7518

Frontcover of 'Rescue the Perishing' by Eleanor Rathbone published in June 1943 (WL7804)

Pamphlet published in June 1943

Image WL7804