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The Holocaust Explained: a complete introduction to the Holocaust, designed for schools

Posted by Leah Sidebotham, Wednesday 31st January, 2018


Captured Jews during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. Part of the Stroop Report, 1943.

Captured Jews during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. Stroop Report, 1943.

The Library is delighted to announce that we have recently redesigned and relaunched the widely used The Holocaust Explained online educational resource. Designed with the British school curriculum in mind, and originally created by the London Jewish Cultural Centre, this website has been developed to help learners understand the essential facts of the Holocaust, its causes and its consequences. It has been visited by over one million unique users per year for the past three years.

The content on The Holocaust Explained is organised across nine clearly defined topic areas and aims to answer questions that students most often want to ask in an accessible, reliable and engaging way. Featuring content written by current and recent teachers, historians, and Holocaust specialists, there is also advanced content for those who have already achieved a good basic understanding of the topic and wish to explore more in greater depth.

Key features include:

  • Multimedia content with a variety of maps, photographs, documents, and diagrams to help explain key concepts and events.
  • Video recordings of Holocaust survivor testimony.
  • Engaging tools for browsing and searching content. Search across the site and learn what happened this month in history.
  • A glossary of over a thousand words helping to explain difficult vocabulary and specialist terms.

In order to enhance the website, we plan to add additional content from our own Collections over the coming months, including scans of relevant documents and photographs. In addition, we will be exploring how to incorporate more tools for teachers who want to use this website in their classrooms. 

The Wiener Library is grateful to the Pauline and Harold Berman Charitable Trust, The Pears Foundation and others for their support of the redesigned website. We would also like to thank Garry Clarkson, the original main contributor to the site, and Bob Usher at the London Grid for Learning for their input, feedback and expertise throughout the process. Finally we would like to thank our website company Totally Communications for their creativity and hard work on the content migration and redesign.

Please report misuse to our Education team.


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