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In the period between the November Pogroms in 1938 and the outbreak of war in September 1939 some 10,000 children were sent without their parents from Nazi Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia to safety in Britain.  This rescue movement became known as the Kindertransport.

The Wiener Library holds one of the most comprehensive collections on the Kindertransport in the world. We hold original letters from children to their parents, train and boat tickets, photographs, contemporary reports about their life in foster homes, hostels, reception camps and training farms, about school, and about the work of the charitable organisations that organised this rescue.

You can also find material related to reunion meetings of former ‘Kinder' as adults, as well as interviews with them, unpublished memoirs, journals like the Kindertransport Newsletter or the Kinder-link and all relevant published material on the subject.

In The Wiener Library's Collections

Publications, interviews, unpublished memoirs, photographs, journals and documents related to the Kindertransport can be found on our catalogue by searching for ‘Kindertransport'.

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  • Children
  • Refugees (see Subject Guide)
  • Rescue

In the Wolfson Reading Room

Any material located in your catalogue search can be consulted in the Wolfson Reading Room.  In addition, you may wish to:

Watch and read the transcripts of audio-visual interviews (in English) included in:

  • The Association of Jewish Refugees, Refugee Voices
  • Rushes of the documentary film, ‘The Children who Cheated Hitler'
  • Browse books on open access in the section S3b for Jewish Refugees in Britain
  • Consult our Press Cuttings - ask the Librarian at the Enquiry Desk.

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Other Archives and Resources

Records for every Kind that arrived in the UK through the Kindertransports are still maintained by World Jewish Relief through its Jewish Refugees Committee.  If family members would like copies of these documents, they can be supplied at a small fee to cover administration costs.