The Wiener Library

For the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

Book Art Competition

2014 Wiener Library International Artistsâ?? Book Competition and Exhibition, London


On 6 March, World's Book Day, we annouced the winners of our International Artists' Book Competition 2014.

The winners are:

“Uprooted”, the winning altered book entry by Julia Mason is a haunting depiction of refugees rising out of a partially burnt book. Depicting men, women and children, some with luggage, greyish with flakes from the burnt pages the piece clearly illustrates the eternal link between violence and refugee movements.

“12”, the winning artist book entry by is a collaboration between Simona Noli and Toby Martinez de las Rivas. The main themes of the book are absence, loss, violence and the importance of commemoration. A complex piece, bound with rusty iron sheets to evoke the remains of camps can be seen on YouTube. 

The two commended entries are:

“The White Maiden Male” by Jeff Morin, one of two commended entries, weaves together a German folk tale and the story of Rudolf Brazda, a gay camp survivor. In beautifully poetic language the book narrates how Nazi repression of homosexuality and his subsequent deportation to Buchenwald in 1942 impacted on his life.

“The Purple Velvet Bag” by Judy Tova Wilkenfeld, one of two commended entries, was made in memory of her father. A perspex box with four compartments holds a book telling the story of his flight across Europe, Tefillin and a Tallit, and Siddur texts. Not only were Jewish people displaced but, so too, the religious items that were for so many, fundamental to their day-to-day living.  

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